this campaign 

was hosted during valentines day with the idea of reframing V'day as a time for respecting women’s rights. Through this campaign, people are encouraged to give their loved one something more meaning than monetary commodities.  Check out the campaign's original website at www.RespectHerheart.org.

Our approach

Like most of our projects, it began with a meeting to discuss our key objectives of the video; finding the targeted audiences, the preferred aesthetic of the client, and executing all tasks before the clients requested deadline. For this project, the client came to us with an idea already in mind. Our task was then to hear them out and take it a step further. After a couple of meetings, we were able to conceptualize a solid idea based on the information provided, and some research on our part. This project was a huge challenge as the video was visualized, shot, and edited within 3-5 days.